Premonition – We know more than what we are aware of

There is a lot going on under the surface of our consciousness. The conscious mind take s in some of the information about the world, the directly useful parts leading you toward your immediate goals. But the things that are in front and around you, the things you don’t pay attention to, these things are still taken in by your sensory organs. It is the difference between looking at something and seeing something. Hearing and listening. Touching and feeling. You passively absorb much more of the world than what you can take into account but this sea of information is not entirely lost. It is processed elsewhere. It has to be.

If what we perceived consciously was the only thing our bodies were able to take into account, we would be dead as soon as the mind wandered off. We would freeze in the cold because we didn’t notice the temperature, or we would not be careful around some people, unable to perceive their micro-expressions. Our unconscious is taking care of these information. The information that is too voluminous to be constantly on our mind , in sharp focus and also too subtle to be noticed by our analytical eyes (no matter how kin they are). It is not simply a matter of bodily sensations. When we read things, when we play games, when we think. Our unconscious minds connects the dots in secret, between disparate bits of information, culminating in sudden insights, breakthroughs and also: premonitions.

We often feel like we knew something already. A feeling of Déjà-vu, or a feeling foreknowledge about future outcomes. I think that most often, we are right. We do know in advance, but not really. Combining multiple sources of information, the brilliance that is our unconscious mind figured out the answer for us, for the conscious part. In advance or should I say just in time?

The problem is: This part of our mind cannot speak to us directly. It cannot become a clear thought, a whisper. So it comes to use as a feeling. the feeling of knowing how things are going to turn out. Depending on the person, we might trust this feeling. Gut feeling, premonition, instinct. These things might be a the tug on the sleeve from our unconscious who cannot scream. But I have a feel we often ignore it completely (I surely do). We should learn to pay attention to the quiet voices, the instinct that feels right but is not the most logical. it may end up being right, most of the time.

[As a bonus: “You Are Two” by CGP Grey]

via Daily Prompt: Premonition


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