Lights out! Or so they think.

Obscurity. It made me think about the feeling of hopelessness one might encounter in the pursuit of a goal or in life in general. It also made me think about two phrases commonly used to counter this hopelessness:

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel” and “Night is darkest just before the dawn”.

These are good phrases but they forget something: There is only darkness at the end. You might end your journey just before dawn, during this dark time. At the end of life, one thing is for sure: Lights out! And then it will not matter if you kept your hopes up throughout or not. The chances of making it out of the whole situation alive are pretty dim, that’s for sure.

What is it then? Should we just lie there and wait for it to end? I don’t think so. I think we should enlighten ourselves and others. Build things that will illuminate the world. One way to do that is though knowledge. Educating ourselves and others. Endeavor to understand the world more and more. Understand people and situations. To solve problems and build things that last longer than we do. Write books, read books, curate books. After all, it served us well so far.

I believe many of our rulers are dim-witted in their attempt to make themselves shine in the most basic ways. With gold and silver. And to do so, they deal behind close doors, in a shady manner.

But we are guilty too. We are eager to stay in a dark fog of confusion. To pretend like we are not able to see what’s going on. That the outcome of our daily actions are not clearly visible.

We stay in darkness on purpose and, without the shadow of a doubt, we make the world a dimmer place. We ask for more things. Better things. Cheaper things. And we pretend like we do not know where they come from. From a place where the sun shines bright and people skins are on average darker than most of our own.

Shiny metals are encased in shadowy boxes. Ending up in our dark pockets but never too far from our hands. High-tech blindfolds. Preventing us from seeing the possibilities that are right in front of us.

But we are not so dumb. We are making progress. We are moving forward as a whole. And even if there is not light at the end of the tunnel. Even if one by one, we drop the curtain, as a whole, we end up a little bit more enlighten each day and humanity is about to get out of the tunnel.

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2 thoughts on “Lights out! Or so they think.”

  1. I hope you are right about our progression. Lately, looking at certain world events and certain political leaders, I have had my doubts. Sometimes I think we have regressed and taken a few steps back….i agree with your point that many of us are in deep denial. It is easier to remain in the dark and claim ignorance. If we own our part in a problem, that means that we then have work to do. Many people, myself included at times, are afraid to get their hands dirty. But we must. The world needs us to engage with each other and with the issues of our times. It is the only way out of any problem.

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    1. Statistically, it would appear that we are making progress. There is a book on that subject that I am yet to read called : Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker whose thinking I had in mind while writing. I was also thinking about a Swedish statistician called Hans Rosling who was often talking about the steady improvement of global standards of living (you can learn more by visiting the Gapminder foundation website). Since we can’t see the whole world in one go, we may think things are getting worse but in fact, they might be getting better.

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