Solid fact, fluid story

Some notions are incorruptible. facts are the things that are fixed.

Notions that are not open to interpretation or things that happened at a point in time. Without regards for the individual, facts impose themselves to people. However, people are still in control of their reactions and may very well ignore facts. They may find facts fanciful and not worth their time.

What is, indeed, a fact for a person? Something that stands in the way of an action in many cases. Facts are neutral. They do not care about our beliefs and emotions. Thus, facts may appear callous, harsh and offensive. But facts are facts  and they have power. This power is what pushes people to call their personal visions of the world “facts”. Facts about human nature, about reality, about God, about life. They know that facts are something you cannot argue with and so, to avoid arguments, they try to turn their opinions as facts.

There are also people who collect actual facts, like bullets, to throw at people they deem ignorant. The scientifically minded people tend to do that. They collect facts and worship them so that they can become fierce defender of truth, seemingly. It may appear like a noble thing to do but in fact, it is ignorant in it self. By acting in such self-righteous manner, these people take the cold quality of facts and incorporate it into their nature.

They forget one thing: Humans are not meant to be right, they are meant to be connected and it is very much possible to sway the consciousness of people without over reliance on facts. Facts are the content of a message but what is more efficient to convince someone is to be the right messenger.

The antithesis of a fact is a story. A piece of carefully crafted lie that still contains truth at its core, but only for human beings and that is the point. Facts are nothing but raw material. Things that exist. They would impose themselves to anyone, regardless of their ability to understand and so, people might resist them. A story is something fluid, intangible and can be missed or misinterpreted. you will bump into a fact but you may miss the point of a story. However, it is the elusive nature of a story that allows it to slip past mental defenses and create a real change in the mind. Smaller and sharper than a fact, a story.

via Daily Prompt: Fact


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