Willfully blind


Advancing on a path without knowing where it goes is scary and disorienting. It can be beneficial to be on such a road, it could lead to discovery, but not knowing where it leads, this uncertainty, might prevent someone from motion on. What awaits at the end of the road? There might be dangers along the way or worse: Absolutely nothing to be found.

Walking on an empty road might be the scariest thing of all. Nothing to be found, nothing to learn, nothing to see and no one to talk to. As if the road was on the outside of the world.

Of course, there is no such a thing as an empty road. There is only a willfully blind traveller, who ignores the things he finds, the branching paths, the encounters. He is a traveller who is committed not to be changed during his journey. But then, why is he travelling at all? Wouldn’t he be better at home, comfortably sited on his couch? Perhaps he is not even aware of his blindness. He doesn’t see the world and he doesn’t see himself. Or he is pretending not to see.

And so this traveller would be walking randomly, meandering, cursing the road for being barren of life. He sure would appear to be a fool for the people around him. Like a starving man refusing an apple because he likes pears.


via Daily Prompt: Meander


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