A delicate strength

In term of grasp, apes have way more strength than humans. A small chimp could reap a strong human apart without breaking a sweat. That doesn’t make humans weaker however.

I  read a strange story the other day. About a Maasai from Kenya who successfully defeated a Lion who ambushed him on his way home, only to be killed by Hyenas right after his victory. The Maasai are known for their ability to fight and kill Lions. In group or individually, with only spears and shields. This man who defeated a Lion, did it with a mace that he had. How can a fragile human defeat a predator?

The answer lie in the comparatively weak grasping strength of human. There is a secret in the way muscle work. Animals like Apes tend to be able to use more strength in their muscle but they do not have a precise control of their fingers. Humans have a fine control of their muscle fiber thanks to their complex nervous system.

We are not the strongest indeed but we can manipulate things with precision. This ability is the key when we fight obstacle many times more powerful than us. We think and act with precision. At our best, we do not just flail around or grasp indiscriminately. At our best we focus, we aim, we strike the weak point. We handle tool, small implements or we simply use small signal to coordinate. We handle situations with care. The delicate grasp of a human is actually a sign of greater strength


via Daily Prompt: Grasp


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