Uncharted territory

There is a paradox in the exploration of uncharted territories. It is that these places are uncharted for a reason. To explore them and to integrate them into the realm of what is known, you have to put yourself beyond the limits of what you know. Doing so, you may very well be faced with the reason of their uncharted nature and find yourself in a perilous situation. But, if you manage to successfully go there and come back, you could make an unforeseen discovery.

Every territory was once undiscovered. Even the friendliest of places where at some point marked as places of danger and mystery. Every habit was once a new behaviour. When was the new behaviour adopted? How did you manage to do something so complicated at first?  It started as an ordeal and ended up as a routine. But something pushed you into the realm of the uncharted. A goal, a desire or a nagging thought that would not go away. A question you kept asking yourself or a plan you had.

The exploration of unknown places, both inside and outside starts with a desire. Exploration is born from frustration.

via Daily Prompt: Foreign



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