Energy level

Is motivation a finite resource? Some say it is, some say it isn’t. I know that it is easier to do things in the morning for me. The more I wait to do something, the harder it becomes. So, I tend to do most things in the morning. There is a component of time in this. In the morning, I have a lot of free time and I can do whatever I want. Later during the day, it might not be the case. But I also feel like doing things really early is a bit like replenishing a meter, like an energy bar in a game.

With this new-found energy, I can go about my day, but it will inevitably decrease, until it is empty and I have to feel it up again. I also know that there are many actions that I can take to keep my energy level up. Eating is one of them but there is also reading, walking, breathing the outside air for a while, drinking tea or listening to a podcast. Listening to interesting people can be a source of energy on its own. Listening to people with very unique perspective on the world is invigorating. It is like food for the mind.

Writing is also a good energy boost. Like a work out. Sometimes, a writing session can be hectic. It can actually create tension in the body and generate a lot of energy. Sometimes I get worked up as I write. I discover what I ought to say as I write and it generates excitement. It helps feeling up the energy bar.

When your energy levels are low, stop for a second and try to go back to the activities that are at your core. They are the source of your energy.

via Daily Prompt: Deplete


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