In ancient time, the term “genius” had to do with the idea of a god or deity that dwelled inside each individual and was responsible for the inspiration and creativity of this individual. While reading on the subject of performance and improvement, I have come across several terms that are related to the idea of Genius. Primal inclination, vital engagement, flow, these notions are very similar to the idea of genius. Something that comes from within the individual and that helps him to orient his action and perform at the highest level, in accordance with his tendency.

What is Genius? It is the manifestation of the most authentic aspect of a person. The perfect expression of potential and aesthetic. A person is operation from a place of genius when she uses her abilities in the most effective way, toward a goal that is deeply fulfilling on a personal level. The full attention of the person is engaged in the process and she radiates authenticity.

This is the individual in the most enthusiastic form. Enthusiasm is the right word. From the greek En- Theos “possessed by a god”. The god here is the “genius” and it is the true identity of a person. She is possessed by herself. Becoming truly herself.

via Daily Prompt: Genie


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