Going down the tree

When we talk about the genealogy of black people from the west Indies or from america, there is something of a paradox when it comes to identity. African american often say that they come from Africa, same goes for people of the west indies (Caribbean). But there is often a mix of black white ancestry in their family tree. Actually, for caribbean people, you can find Hindu, white european and african ancestry in the mix. Many different strand of ancestors. Yet, in these communities, we are told only one aspect of this ancestry, the african part. It has a lot to do with slavery and with external appearance but it is not that easy. Especially for young people. Aside from the skin, we have very little to do with african culture. We are generally much closer to the culture of the previous colonial powers, be it France, Great britain or the United States. But we will never be perceived as exactly of the land, despite being from it. Simply because we do not look the part. What about the other ancestors we may have? From the Indian subcontinent or from American first nations? Do they count in our cultural heritage or are they washed away by the stronger presence of genes from Europe or Africa? These ancestors still existed and they had their own personal stories. Their own lineage. Even though they only had a small part to play in our tree.

via Daily Prompt: Pedigree



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